Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Life Made Easier With Attendance System Wifi

Science never fails to surprise, so does the Wi-Fi attendance system. It is a simple wireless system which records the attendance or presence of the listed pupils with the help of a QR Code, a chip or by biometric recognitions, such as facial recognition and finger print. It works with the help of a Wi-Fi device.

It is a new method which is trustworthy and indeed very convenient to handle. It is mostly used in offices, schools, hostels, universities etc. Besides being convenient, it provides with other facilities such as- time saving! Manually calling out each and every candidate to check their presence is highly time consuming and impossible for larger institutions, hence, this Wi-Fi attendance system which records their attendance with biometric or a QR code or a chip at times and acts as a time saver. Secondly, it saves funds for companies by making it easier for them to keep their records computerized instead of appointing more employees for it. Lastly, it is economical.The setup can be a bit costly for larger institutions, but later on, except the payment for the Wi-Fi device connection no other fund is required, it does not require any constant attention or regular servicing.

The procedure to set up the Wi-Fi attendance system:

1. One needs to purchase the system which can be bought online at a lower price.
2. Then set it up with the help of a Wi-Fi device.
3. Once done, the details and data about the listed candidates must be uploaded and saved in it.
4. The data and the details must be linked to the wireless system.
5. When all the procedure is completed, one must check out if it is working.

Therefore, on a daily basis, the candidates who give their biometrics through the process of facial recognition or finger print, their attendance will directly be recorded in the wireless system with the help of the Wi-Fi device.

It leads to no frauds. It’s a strict device which accepts only valid information. One cannot place another individual’s attendance as it only accepts biometric of the original recorded individual and other options such as QR code or a chip needs to do the actual scanning. Hence, it is yet another mesmerizing development of science which makes the life of people easier, efficient and convenient.

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